June 29, 2017

iphone update 5.1

iphone update 5.1 – Even though network speeds will continue a similar, the AT&T has reclassified the connection as 4G for the back of the ongoing battle between networks to find out what speed constitutes 4G.

iphone update 5.1 – Some iPhone users will see a 4G symbol be visible on their display (Pic: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
Which means that upgrading for the iOS 5.1 platform will under no circumstances affect the handsets’ data connection, but users on AT&T which are linked to the HSPA network are seeing the 4G symbol displayed within the status bar.
‘AT&T has rolled out a nationwide HSPA+ network, plus they refer to this high-speed network as 4G,’ an Apple spokesperson told tech website The Verge.
‘With iOS 5.1, iPhone 4S will see this reflected within the status bar.’
When introducing the iPhone 4S in October this past year, Apple boss Phil Schiller noted that although the device had significantly improved data speeds, the tech giant was hesitant to label it a 4G device, although it’s as quickly as other smartphones already dubbed 4G.
‘We’re not acquiring in to a debate in the market about what’s 4G and what isn’t – we’ll leave that for other people to discuss,’ he was quoted saying at the tim. iphone update 5.1